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Re: st: Just and Pope Production model-What are the commands?

From   Kelvin Mulungu <>
Subject   Re: st: Just and Pope Production model-What are the commands?
Date   Sun, 9 Jun 2013 20:08:13 +0300

Sorry for the less informative question.

The Just and Pope (Just, R. E and R. D. Pope (1978). Stochastic
Specification of Production Function and Economic Implications.
Journal of Econometrics, 7(1978): 67-76) model am applying follows
closely with that which was used in Cabas et al 2010 (Cabas, J., A.
Weersink, and E. Olale (2010). Crop yield response to economic, site
and climatic variables. Climatic Change, 101:599–616) or by Isik and
Devadoss (Isik, M., and S. Devadoss (2006). An Analysis of the Impact
of Climate Change on Crop Yields and Yield Variability. Applied
Economics, 38:835-844.).

This production function allows the effect of an input or
environmental factor to have a different effect on yield and the
variability of yield as measured by the standard deviation. In the
second stage, it is the standard deviation of yield which is used as
the dependent variable to measure the effect on yield variability
while the first stage has just yield as the dependent. Am applying it
to a 31 year panel which is unbalanced.


On Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 7:30 PM, Nick Cox <> wrote:
> will already know about the Just and Pope model,  but 50 or 500 might
> be interested in estimating production functions.
> Statalist is not primarily a way to get personal help in public; it is
> about building a forum of questions and answers that may be useful to
> as many people as possible.
> In short, please add helpful references and/or links to maximise the
> information here.
> Nick
> On 9 June 2013 17:21, Kelvin Mulungu <> wrote:
>> Am supposed to use both the linear and Cobb-Douglas forms of the Just
>> and Pope production function model to check influence of climate on
>> crop yields, but am not able to find the commands. My data is panel
>> and unbalanced. I would like to try both fixed and random effects.
>> And also how to generate the dependent variable for the second stage,
>> that is the standard deviation of yield.
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