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Re: st: Adding a suffix to variables in a local macro

From   "G. Anderson" <>
Subject   Re: st: Adding a suffix to variables in a local macro
Date   09 Jun 2013 18:12:09 +0100

Thanks a lot Nick.

That seems to almost work, but leaves the last variable in the initial list commod unchanged:

So I get something like tea98 coffee98 sugar98 wheat for commod2. Have tried this with a few different variables and always seems to skip the last one.



On Jun 9 2013, Nick Cox wrote:

local commod2 : subinstr local commod " " "98 ", all

local commod3 : subinstr local commod2 "98" "99", all

Such trickery in this kind of context  is also documented at
-- not that I expect anyone apart from me to know or remember that.

Search for "unab" in that FAQ.


On 9 June 2013 17:37, G. Anderson <> wrote:

I have a large list of variables, from which I have created a local macro:

local commod tea coffee sugar wheat
I also have variables in my data set, which refer to specific years, so I
have variables tea98, coffee98, sugar98, wheat98 etc

I would like to create a local macro referring to each year, so:

local commod98 tea98 coffee98 sugar98 wheat98

local commod99 tea99 coffee99 sugar99 wheat 99


Is there a way to do this, referring to local commod and adding the the
suffix "98" "99" etc?
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