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st: Stata package / Latex

From   Vincent <>
Subject   st: Stata package / Latex
Date   Sun, 14 Feb 2010 19:52:50 +0100


I am trying to find a solution to easily export (whole) tables
(Cox-regression tables) from Stata to Latex.
I tried to use the stata package in combination with "sjlog" in Stata
The following problem arises:
The macro/ commands of \HLI{} do not seem to be recognized correctly and the
tables are messed up.

"test_latex.tex"   produces  the output of   "test_latex.pdf"
(In the appendix you find the files used)

On the internet  ( I have found
the solution to write:

\def\DASH{{\vrule width\stxwidth height\stmtdepth depth-\stmbdepth}}

after \usepackage{stata}. However, if I do that I receive the following
error message:

! Undefined control sequence.

\DASH ->{\vrule width\stxwidth

height\stmtdepth depth-\stmbdepth }

I also attached my preamble and the do-file.

I would be really happy if you can provide me with a solution to easily
export tables from Stata to Latex.

(There seem to a solution using "maketex". As I have an APPLE, this command
doesn't work in Stata)

Kind regards

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