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Re: st: stata.sty in \documentclass[10pt]{article}

From (Jeff Pitblado, StataCorp LP)
Subject   Re: st: stata.sty in \documentclass[10pt]{article}
Date   Tue, 27 Sep 2005 14:25:51 -0500

James Muller <> is having trouble with a LaTeX macro
from stata.sty:

> I'm trying to get the latex style stata.sty, available on the UCLA
> pages, working in a 10pt fontsize document, preferably without too
> much hastle in modifying low-level tex commands in my documents or in
> the latex style definiton (stata.sty).
> The problem is in the package stata.sty assuming the standard Stata
> journal latex format, which is in 11pt.
> So far as I can see everything is working perfectly well except the
> command \HLI, which is the counterpart of Stata's SCML horizontal rule
> command. The \HLI{79} command, which is to fill a line all the way
> across with a horizontal rule works as expected under 11pt fontsize in
> latex, but under 10pt fontsize it is too long, and due to the way the
> command works the horizontal rule flows over to the next line, looking
> terribly ugly.
> I realize this is a tex issue and not a Stata one, but perhaps
> somebody on the list has had experience here.
>   - Has anybody encountered this issue in their own work, and attempted
>     a workaround?
>   - Has anybody succeeded with a workaround?
>   - Are there other known issues in the non-11pt font size setting that
>     interefere with the stata.sty?
> Oh, yeah, and I do realize a simple solution would be to make the
> document in 11pt, but that is not really ideal for what I'm doing.

The simplest solution I could come up with is to redefine the \DASH macro,
right after \usepackage{stata}.

Here is the altered definition of \DASH:

	\def\DASH{{\vrule width\stxwidth height\stmtdepth depth-\stmbdepth}}

The \HLI{} macro makes repeated calls to \DASH.  The original \DASH would
allow breaks between calls; the above no longer does this.  We will look into
updating the Stata Press LaTeX files to prevent this from happening in the

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