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st: stata.sty in \documentclass[10pt]{article}

From   James Muller <>
Subject   st: stata.sty in \documentclass[10pt]{article}
Date   Sun, 25 Sep 2005 22:41:28 +1000


I'm trying to get the latex style stata.sty, available on the UCLA
pages, working in a 10pt fontsize document, preferably without too
much hastle in modifying low-level tex commands in my documents or in
the latex style definiton (stata.sty).

The problem is in the package stata.sty assuming the standard Stata
journal latex format, which is in 11pt.

So far as I can see everything is working perfectly well except the
command \HLI, which is the counterpart of Stata's SCML horizontal rule
command. The \HLI{79} command, which is to fill a line all the way
across with a horizontal rule works as expected under 11pt fontsize in
latex, but under 10pt fontsize it is too long, and due to the way the
command works the horizontal rule flows over to the next line, looking
terribly ugly.

I realize this is a tex issue and not a Stata one, but perhaps
somebody on the list has had experience here.

  - Has anybody encountered this issue in their own work, and attempted
    a workaround?

  - Has anybody succeeded with a workaround?

  - Are there other known issues in the non-11pt font size setting that
    interefere with the stata.sty?

Oh, yeah, and I do realize a simple solution would be to make the
document in 11pt, but that is not really ideal for what I'm doing.


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