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Re: st: RE: AW: label define

From   Miranda Kim <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: AW: label define
Date   Wed, 11 Nov 2009 15:36:38 +0000

Yes I'm sorry I forgot to include this.

Nick Cox wrote:
So, you should please remember to say that when you ask questions.
Martin's advice to use -label copy- was based on the standard list
default:  you are assumed to be using the current version of Stata
unless you specify otherwise. Nick
Miranda Kim

Thank you Nick,
I'm still using Stata 10, so labutil will come in handy!

Nick Cox wrote:
Otherwise put: 1. See the -help- for -label-.
2. In Stata 11, and indeed previously, -label define- defines or
entirely new or existing sets of value labels, but does not permit
saving under a different name.
3. In Stata 11, but not previously, -label copy- is the way to copy an
existing set of value labels under another name.
4. For Stata 7 to 10, -labvalclone- from -labutil- on SSC is an
alternative to 3.
5. For Stata 6 and below, or indeed otherwise, you can just type in
command -label define- for a new group.

Martin Weiss

ALso, if you often get stuck with such problems, NJC`S -ssc d labutil-
be for you...

Miranda Kim

How can I create a new label set for the values of a variable, by modifying an old one?
For example if I have:
label define agegrp 1 "17-24" 2 "25-34" 3 "35-44" 4 "45-54" 5 "55-63"

and I want to create a new label set with a different name, say
that has the following values:
1 "17-24" 2 "25-34" 3 "35-44" 4 ">=45"

Can I use the label set agegrp with the option modify, to create a new

label set rather than just overwriting the agegrp label?

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