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st: RE: AW: label define

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: AW: label define
Date   Wed, 11 Nov 2009 14:17:54 -0000

Otherwise put: 

1. See the -help- for -label-. 

2. In Stata 11, and indeed previously, -label define- defines or changes
entirely new or existing sets of value labels, but does not permit
saving under a different name. 

3. In Stata 11, but not previously, -label copy- is the way to copy an
existing set of value labels under another name. 

4. For Stata 7 to 10, -labvalclone- from -labutil- on SSC is an
alternative to 3. 

5. For Stata 6 and below, or indeed otherwise, you can just type in the
command -label define- for a new group. 


Martin Weiss

ALso, if you often get stuck with such problems, NJC`S -ssc d labutil-
be for you...

Miranda Kim

How can I create a new label set for the values of a variable, by 
modifying an old one?
For example if I have:
label define agegrp 1 "17-24" 2 "25-34" 3 "35-44" 4 "45-54" 5 "55-63"

and I want to create a new label set with a different name, say agegrp2 
that has the following values:
1 "17-24" 2 "25-34" 3 "35-44" 4 ">=45"

Can I use the label set agegrp with the option modify, to create a new 
label set rather than just overwriting the agegrp label?

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