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st: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: List of ALL Commands

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: List of ALL Commands
Date   Fri, 19 Sep 2008 17:35:20 +0100

-findit- does not guarantee to find everything in the public domain. For
example, -findit- will not find programs published informally within
Statalist postings, such as yours this week. 

[email protected] 

Martin Weiss

Agreed! Would a combination of -findfile-, -which- and -findit- be

Nick Cox

-which- tells whether a command is visible to Stata given your Stata
installation and your current working directory. That is only a subset
of existence "as we know it, Jim". 

Martin Weiss

An alphabetical list is pointless. If it is all about the mere existence
a command, -which- is the way to go...

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