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st: RE: List of ALL Commands

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: List of ALL Commands
Date   Fri, 19 Sep 2008 17:14:20 +0100

If ALL means absolutely and utterly everything that you might run in
Stata, the answer is No. 

A more subtle answer would need to distinguish between commands and
packages (or more generally bundles of commands). Lists of the latter
are much more visible than lists of the former. 

Distinguishing further, the question How do I get a complete list?
depends on precisely what kind of command you are talking about. 

1. Official commands. 

a. Documented: See manuals. 

b. Undocumented: See -help undocumented-. 

c. Not documented: Approach StataCorp to enquire about employment
opportunities. Alternatively, offer wine, beer, fruit juice, flowers,
chocolate as appropriate to Stata gurus for their own personal and very
partial lists. (Since such commands do not have their own help files,
knowing just their names would help you very little.) 

2. Commands published through the Stata Journal (earlier Stata Technical

Rummage in the *.key files within your Stata installation. Do not edit
these files (even if you think you know exactly what you are doing). 

3. SSC. 

log using allsscpackages.log 
set more off 
foreach letter in `c(alpha)' _ { 
	ssc desc `letter'
set more on  
log close
view allsscpackages.log 

4. Other commands in public domain. 

Strengthen your CV, and then approach NSA or similar agency in your
country for employment opportunities. 

5. Other commands in private domains. 

Strengthen your CV mightily, and then see #4. 

Otherwise put: Only for 1b and 3 do complete lists appear easy! 

By the way, I share with Svend Juul the view that such lists would be
less useful than people might hope or imagine. 

[email protected] 

Raphael Fraser

I was asked an unexpected question by my students some time ago:
Is there a way of finding out what commands are available in Stata? My
first response was
"read the manual!" but then I remembered most of the students don't
even have the manual.

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