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st: Re: "xml_tab" and "streg"

From   "Zurab Sajaia" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: Re: "xml_tab" and "streg"
Date   Tue, 29 Jan 2008 10:48:17 -0500

Hi Daniel,

I have -xml_tab- version 3.35 17Oct2007 available from SSC
and just tried following:

sysuse auto, clear
stset length
streg price rep78 trunk turn, distribution(gamma)

xml_tab, replace save(c:\test)

it worked.

Could you give me the full command line you use? if you have the same version but still get an error, there might be a case that it happens only for specific combination of options.


----- Original Message ----- From: "Daniel Klein" <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>
Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2008 4:43 AM
Subject: st: "xml_tab" and "streg"


I really like xml_tab which is a usefull tool to export tables of
estimates directly to Excel. However when I estimate a survival model
with streg and weibull distribution I get the following error message.

/ln_p invalid name

This is not the case when I assume an exponential distribution since in
that case the parameter "p" (or ln_p) is not estimated. I guess xml_tab
has a problem with the "/". estout works fine but I would more like to
further use xml_tab.

Does anyone know a workaround? Thanks in advance.


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