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Re: st: can not be found

From   Alan Riley <>
Subject   Re: st: can not be found
Date   Tue, 21 Aug 2007 12:53:26 -0500

Sergiy Radyakin <> reported that Stata did
not find his file in the 'p' subdirectory of the
PLUS (c:\ado\plus) directory on his adopath:

> The manual says:
> ----- quote -------------------------------------------
>  Stata looks for the file when it is invoked, and if it
> finds it, executes the commands in it.  Stata looks (1) in the
> directory where Stata was installed, (2) in the current directory,
> (3) along your PATH, (4) in your home directory as defined by Windows'
> USERPROFILE environment  variable, and finally (5) along the adopath
> (see adopath).
> ----- end quote -------------------------------------------
> I have placed in "c:\ado\plus/p/" and it does not run. It
> is seen by -findfile- correctly. It runs if I save it to
> "c:\ado\plus/". Why doesn't Stata run it from "c:\ado\plus/p/" even
> though it can see it there?

Sergiy has found a bug and reported a quick workaround for it.
Stata does not currently look in the 'p' subdirectory for
as it searches across the adopath.  The workaround is to do as Sergiy
did and place in one of the main directories on the adopath.
We will fix this in a future update.

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