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st: stata 9 how to change background color in twoway line SUMMARY OF SOLUTIONS

From   Zamira Simkins <>
Subject   st: stata 9 how to change background color in twoway line SUMMARY OF SOLUTIONS
Date   Tue, 24 Jan 2006 11:48:46 -0500

Many thanks to Svend Juul, AbdelRahmen El Lahga, and especially Scott 
Merryman for sharing their experience and offering useful advice. Using 
their suggestions I obtained nice graphs and thought I would summarize my 
experience for future inexperienced users like me. 

Problem: I was trying to graph multiple countries on the same graph but 
kept getting shading around the graph and subtitles. The shading had to be 
removed for publication, but I could not figure out how to do it. 

Solutions: if you graph the following twoway line log_rgdp year if 
iso1<16, ytitle("log_rgdp") xtitle("year") by((country), note("") cols(3)) 
 ylabel(7.4(1)10.40, gmax angle (horizontal)) xlabel(#5)

1. Using STATA schemes  like s1mono, s1color, etc (schemes that come up 
under schemes intro) without region_options to control for color, schemes 
that starts with s2 result in shading around the graph and sub-titles. 
Schemes that start with s1 will remove shading around the graph but still 
give shading around subtitles (thanks to AbdelRahmen El Lahga for 
suggesting this option).

2. To remove shading completely from subtitles and around the graphs, set 
scheme lean1 or lean2. Note that these two schemes look slightly different 
but completely remove any color from the graphs. To find lean schemes type 
"findit lean scheme", Stata does not list these lean schemes under schemes 
intro (thanks to Svend Juul for pointing the lean schemes option).
3. You can also control the shading even under s2color, etc. schemes by 
specifying region_options. For example, even when my scheme is set to 
s2color, typing the following produces a graph on a plain white background 
with no shading around subtitles: twoway line log_rgdp year if iso1<16, 
clcolor (black) bfcolor(white) ytitle("log_rgdp") xtitle("year") 
by((country), graphregion(color(white)) note("") cols(3)) subtitle(, 
fcolor(white) lcolor(white))   ylabel(7.4(1)10.40, gmax angle 
(horizontal)) xlabel(#5) (thanks to Scott Merryman for correcting my 
original idea)

Hope this helps others. 

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