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Re: st: Mean Test

From   Rijo John <>
Subject   Re: st: Mean Test
Date   Mon, 23 Jan 2006 03:13:48 +0530

Isn't command

foreach var of varlist popgrowth-safewater {
         oneway `var' region, t sid
doing multiple comparison tests for one variable at a time? thats
exactly what I want to do. Coz what I am doing is comparing means of
say 30 different variables for 4 groups. I mean at any given time I
will be comparing the differences in means of 4 groups for A
particular variable. And I want to get the p-values for all possible
combinatins. I mean, not just the p value of the H_0:

But also the p-values for other H_0 such as mean1=mean2, mean2=mean3
and so on. (total 6 comparisons.)

A slightly different question:
is there a way one can make stata to report p values upto say 5 or 6
decimals in these kinds of tests or report it in a different format? I
have a very large data set and my p-values many times turns out to be
0.000. It looks odd to report a value like 0.000 in a table.


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