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st: Checking that -adoupdate- is OK

From   "Clive Nicholas" <>
Subject   st: Checking that -adoupdate- is OK
Date   Fri, 20 Jan 2006 07:29:53 -0000 (GMT)

Richard Williams replied:

[Hiya Rich! Hope you're well.]

> I have found that problems with adoupdate can sometimes be solved by
> uninstalling and then re-installing the package, so you might try
> that.  (Just make sure that the package can be re-installed or that
> you have a backup of its files.)

I have to fess up to trying to do something really dumb just now - I tried
to -ssc uninstall- it, forgetting that it was part of official Stata. How
I laughed.

Seriously, though, with courtesy to Nick Cox, he informed me privately
that the package in question (Gary King et al's -clarify-) might have been
installed in such a way as to bypass -net install- (it was, but other
user-written packages I've downloaded in much the same way _are_ picked up
by -adoupdate-). He advised that I

. viewsource stata.trk [a potential Stata Tip?]

to look and see whether the component routines of the -clarify- package
were there; and, lo, they weren't. As Nick reminded me, -adoupdate- and
-mypkg- are very much dependent upon what they find in stata.trk. So if
-clarify- (or whatever) ain't there, there's not much they can do, other
than you moving it to stata.trk manually, of course.

Bottom line: there will never be another update to -clarify-, anyway (Gary
King has no interest whatsoever in developing it further in Stata, which
is a shame, but that's his call and my problem); and there's no fault in

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