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Re: st: omitting ticks on -twoway- with -by()-

From   Richard Williams <>
Subject   Re: st: omitting ticks on -twoway- with -by()-
Date   Thu, 19 Jan 2006 23:29:31 -0500

At 10:29 PM 1/19/2006, Clive Nicholas wrote:

Hiya, hope you're well.

I have a brief query about your -mypkg- that I wanted to put to you
privately: it's just a minor thing, but it's something I should have asked
you months ago.

It's a very neat routine, but I've noticed that it hasn't picked up
certain user-written routines (UWRs) I've downloaded on my Stata, such as
Gary King's -clarify-, which I think was the very first UWR I downloaded.
However, -mypkg- doesn't pick this up. Nor, incidentally, does
-adoupdate-. (-clarify- itself isn't the issue here: I know there isn't a
new version of it and, indeed, never will be.)
I have found that problems with adoupdate can sometimes be solved by uninstalling and then re-installing the package, so you might try that. (Just make sure that the package can be re-installed or that you have a backup of its files.)

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