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Re: st: One other strange window behavior

From   Gary Longton <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: One other strange window behavior
Date   Fri, 13 May 2005 12:16:08 -0700

Fred Wolfe wrote:

I hope I am understanding this correctly, but this seems to be a continual problem that I didn't have with 8.2.

I enter a command in Stata 9. It runs. I want to change to my text editor. Alt-tab leaves me in Stata, but alt-tab-tab switches to the editor. When I am in the editor, alt-tab switches back to stata. If I switch from the editor to Stata then I only need 1 alt-tab to go back to the editor. But as long as I put the mouse in the command window or type a command I will need alt-tab-tab. So I see the problem as being that in ANY other program (Windows XE) all-tab switch programs, but in stata if you are in the command window (or the results after a command) you need alt-tab-tab. AS a matter of consistency, when switching quickly, this is a real nuisance.

Can any one else verify this behavior?
confirmed here - and yes it is a nuisance for those of use who alt-tab to-and-fro editor & Stata!

Stata/SE 9.0 and Windows XP

(excuse the delayed response - have just recently started to use version 9 and was looking back at some of the windows-behavior related posts while attempting to work my way around some of the new windows features - i.e. floating, docking, and disappearing windows)

- Gary

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