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Re: st: Nifty new command window behavio(u)r

From   Richard Williams <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: Nifty new command window behavio(u)r
Date   Wed, 04 May 2005 08:42:06 -0500

At 09:10 AM 5/4/2005 -0400, Nick Winter wrote:

Tha is, I can cut and paste the following from this email (Try it!):

forval i=1/3 {
di `i'
Well, I just did the exact same thing in Stata 8.2, so I suspect this has been around a while and you just now noticed! I did have to use shift-insert rather than right click-paste or ctrl-v, so maybe that has changed, i.e. paste commands that are normally interchangeable are not so in Stata 8.2, maybe they are in 9.

But not this:

sysuse auto, clear
graph twoway scatter mpg price //
        title("My Title")

I wonder if StataCorp could change this, and if others would find that useful?
I encounter the same problem in 8.2. You can edit before hitting enter, i.e. get rid of the // and combine the lines. Also, I think you are missing a comma.

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