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Re: st: Weird ylabel justification on Stata for the Mac

From   Andreas Stiehler <>
Subject   Re: st: Weird ylabel justification on Stata for the Mac
Date   Mon, 20 Sep 2004 16:39:50 +0200

Am 20.09.2004 um 16:26 schrieb Tom Trikalinos:

I can replicate the problem in my powerbook. Persists with all Fonts I've tried.

Workaround: From Prefs menu -> Graph preferences ... -> Select graphics engine QuickDraw instead of Quartz 2D.
That seems to be the solution: Now it works also with my Mac.

Thank You!
Seems to be Mac specific


On Sep 20, 2004, at 4:01 PM, Eric G. Wruck wrote:

Ulrich Kohler wrote:

. sysuse auto
. sc rep78 trunk,
ylabel(5 "Das und das und so" 4 "shorter" 3 "etc" , angle(horizontal))

In Stata for the Mac the long label for the value 5 is not justified at the
same position than the other labels. Instead this label ends somewhat more
left than the other labels.

I ran the code on my iBook & the justification difference is slight at most. I pasted the graph into Word & will send that to Andreas & Uli privately to see if it looks like what they are seeing on their machines. I gather that attachments are verboten here on the Statalist.





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