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Re: st: Weird ylabel justification on Stata for the Mac

Subject   Re: st: Weird ylabel justification on Stata for the Mac
Date   Mon, 20 Sep 2004 14:45:50 -0500

Ulrich Kohler <> wrote:

> in a private exchange, Andreas Stiehler <> and I dedected a 
> problem with ylabel justifications in Stata for the Mac. Basically, what we 
> did was 
> . sysuse auto
> . sc rep78 trunk, 
> ylabel(5 "Das und das und so" 4 "shorter" 3 "etc" , angle(horizontal))
> In Stata for the Mac the long label for the value 5 is not justified at the 
> same position than the other labels. Instead this label ends somewhat more 
> left than the other labels. 

Stata uses the Quartz drawing engine to render text rather than ATSUI (Apple
Type Services for Unicode Imaging) due to a bug in ATSUI discovered in OS X
10.3.2.  However, Stata still uses ATSUI to measure the width of text which is
needed for transforming points for text justification.  There evidently is a
slight difference between the two methods of rendering text which is leading
to the misalignment you see.  For example, ATSUI may say that "Hello world"
takes up 90.1 pixels when after being rendered with Quartz, it only takes up
88.9 pixels (Quartz and ATSUI operates with floats; Quickdraw operates with

We'll fix this problem.

BTW, there is no difference between Intercooled Stata or Stata/SE (or for that
matter, Small Stata) when it comes to how Stata renders graphs.  They all use
the same graph engine.

-Chinh Nguyen

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