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st: SSC archive: nmw feature

From   Kit Baum for the RePEc Team <[email protected]>
To   StataList <[email protected]>
Subject   st: SSC archive: nmw feature
Date   Fri, 02 Aug 2002 14:01:00 -0400

I am very pleased to announce that today's ado-file update, available from StataCorp, contains a new feature in the -ssc- command:

ssc whatsnew

This command constructs and displays a real-time list of the changes made to the archive over the last month. It provides similar information to the web-browser form of this list, available from
The great adbantage of using the internal Stata form, ssc whatsnew, is that you can find out more about the package, view the enclosed help files, and even install the package with one click from the Viewer. If you use this method, you will avoid the various hassles that arise when a web browser is used to download .ado and .hlp components.

Many thanks to Bill Gould of StataCorp for implementing the Stata end of this feature, and to him and his colleagues for the forward-thinking design that integrates Stata so nicely with Internet-accesible information.

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