Announcing Stata 18
Announcing Stata 18. Explore all the features we've added in the newest version.
The Stata News
Vol 38 No 2


I am excited to share with you that Stata 18 is here! The newest version of Stata has many new features—here are the highlights.

Bayesian model averaging

Heterogeneous DID

Causal mediation analysis

Multilevel meta-analysis

Tables of descriptive statistics

Meta-analysis for prevalence

Group sequential designs

Local projections for IRFs

Robust inference for linear models

Model selection for ARIMA and ARFIMA

Wild cluster bootstrap

Alias variables across frames

Flexible demand systems

Frame sets

TVCs with interval-censored Cox model

Boost-based regular expressions

Lasso for Cox model

Vectorized numerical integration

GOF plots for survival models

Data Editor enhancements


Do-file Editor enhancements

New spline functions

New reporting features

Corrected and consistent AICs

Graph colors by variable

IV fractional probit model

All-new graph style

IV quantile regression


These are just a few of the highlights. Explore the new features and order Stata 18 today.

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Current annual license and maintenance holders will receive an automatic upgrade to Stata 18. If you qualify, watch your email inbox, and simply follow the instructions in the email to receive your Stata 18 license.

Kind regards,
Alan Riley, President
and the entire Stata development team