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Re: st: How to re-program -save9- for Stata 13?

From   Dirk Enzmann <>
Subject   Re: st: How to re-program -save9- for Stata 13?
Date   Sat, 19 Oct 2013 22:41:12 +0200


I cannot come up with hard numbers, but here are some impressions as to the difficulties:

I already bought Stata from my private money (for use at my work!) - when I bought it the first time (several years ago) my institution had no net license of Stata; even after they decided to invest into a net license, I regularary bought new versions because my instituion is too slow to invest in updates (at the moment, the most recent version available is Stata 11!). I would not starve if I had to buy StatTransfer on top of it, but I am really hesitating because this I also had to pay subtracting from my salary because this program does not belong to the software our institution bought for use of their students or employees.

Until Stata 12 I could live comfortably without StatTransfer - I wrote an SPSS script ( to translate SPSS files to Stata and a Stata .ado (-dta2sav-) to move Stata files to SPSS. But the way to SPSS is blocked now since Stata 13.

Luckily I have bought Stata 12 before, thus I can use it for moving files from Stata 13 to SPSS - others, who are new to Stata since version 13 are not so lucky.

I recently convinced colleagues in Finland to use Stata - but now they recognize that they have to buy StatTransfer on top of it. Of course, this is my fault, I should have told them before.

Some days ago there was a thread in the SPSS discussion list showing that others experience this problem, as well (see: ).

Perhaps more important than money is the fact that even buying StatTranfer does not help in all situations: It does not preserve labels of user missing values (Stata's exended missing values) when transferring Stata data to SPSS data (the other way round is also not without problems). To overcome this problem, I wrote -dta2sav- (availabel on SSC). Unfortunately, if you don't have an older version of Stata at your disposal (here, -uses13- can help), you can't use it to transfer Stata 13 (format 117) files to SPSS.

Of course, you can blame SPSS for not updating their import routines (even the maintenance of R's -foreign- package has been frozen for Stata formats after 12, see on page 5), but this does not help users who want to use Stata in a context of a majority (or important) colleagues still using SPSS.


Sat, 19 Oct 2013 12:17:34 +0100, Nick Cox<> wrote:
So, in summary, you appear to be saying that you know people who could
afford Stata 13 but are reluctant to buy because they (a) would be in
difficulty transferring their datasets to SPSS and (b) cannot afford
StatTransfer as an extra purchase?

That's interesting. I have got to say that they are missing out on a
great upgrade.

I just checked and a single user academic license [sic] of
StatTransfer is USD 179.
As I understand, Sergiy's add-ons could help them a lot.

StataCorp would, I think, be interested in hard evidence that they are
> losing out on sales because people really need a kind of "save to
> SPSS" command before they can decide to buy. I have no insight into
> how SPSS is managed.

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