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Re: st: How to re-program -save9- for Stata 13?

From   Sergiy Radyakin <>
To   "" <>
Subject   Re: st: How to re-program -save9- for Stata 13?
Date   Mon, 21 Oct 2013 21:35:23 -0400

Dear Dirk,

see if -savespss- and or saveto9.exe are able to help:

The first one is a Stata 10.0+ command (in Mata) that writes SPSS
system files (*.sav) directly. The second one is a standalone utility
to "downgrade" the version of the Stata dataset without Stata at all
(neither Stata, nor SPSS, nor Stat/Transfer is necessary for it).

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

On Sat, Oct 19, 2013 at 4:41 PM, Dirk Enzmann
<> wrote:
> Yes.
> I cannot come up with hard numbers, but here are some impressions as to the
> difficulties:
> I already bought Stata from my private money (for use at my work!) - when I
> bought it the first time (several years ago) my institution had no net
> license of Stata; even after they decided to invest into a net license, I
> regularary bought new versions because my instituion is too slow to invest
> in updates (at the moment, the most recent version available is Stata 11!).
> I would not starve if I had to buy StatTransfer on top of it, but I am
> really hesitating because this I also had to pay subtracting from my salary
> because this program does not belong to the software our institution bought
> for use of their students or employees.
> Until Stata 12 I could live comfortably without StatTransfer - I wrote an
> SPSS script ( to translate SPSS files to Stata and a Stata
> .ado (-dta2sav-) to move Stata files to SPSS. But the way to SPSS is blocked
> now since Stata 13.
> Luckily I have bought Stata 12 before, thus I can use it for moving files
> from Stata 13 to SPSS - others, who are new to Stata since version 13 are
> not so lucky.
> I recently convinced colleagues in Finland to use Stata - but now they
> recognize that they have to buy StatTransfer on top of it. Of course, this
> is my fault, I should have told them before.
> Some days ago there was a thread in the SPSS discussion list showing that
> others experience this problem, as well (see:
> ).
> Perhaps more important than money is the fact that even buying StatTranfer
> does not help in all situations: It does not preserve labels of user missing
> values (Stata's exended missing values) when transferring Stata data to SPSS
> data (the other way round is also not without problems). To overcome this
> problem, I wrote -dta2sav- (availabel on SSC). Unfortunately, if you don't
> have an older version of Stata at your disposal (here, -uses13- can help),
> you can't use it to transfer Stata 13 (format 117) files to SPSS.
> Of course, you can blame SPSS for not updating their import routines (even
> the maintenance of R's -foreign- package has been frozen for Stata formats
> after 12, see on
> page 5), but this does not help users who want to use Stata in a context of
> a majority (or important) colleagues still using SPSS.
> Dirk
> Sat, 19 Oct 2013 12:17:34 +0100, Nick Cox<> wrote:
>> So, in summary, you appear to be saying that you know people who could
>> afford Stata 13 but are reluctant to buy because they (a) would be in
>> difficulty transferring their datasets to SPSS and (b) cannot afford
>> StatTransfer as an extra purchase?
>> That's interesting. I have got to say that they are missing out on a
>> great upgrade.
>> I just checked and a single user academic license [sic] of
>> StatTransfer is USD 179.
>> As I understand, Sergiy's add-ons could help them a lot.
>> StataCorp would, I think, be interested in hard evidence that they are
>> losing out on sales because people really need a kind of "save to
>> SPSS" command before they can decide to buy. I have no insight into
>> how SPSS is managed.
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