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Re: st: How to re-program -save9- for Stata 13?

From   Nick Cox <>
To   "" <>
Subject   Re: st: How to re-program -save9- for Stata 13?
Date   Sat, 19 Oct 2013 12:17:34 +0100

So, in summary, you appear to be saying that you know people who could
afford Stata 13 but are reluctant to buy because they (a) would be in
difficulty transferring their datasets to SPSS and (b) cannot afford
StatTransfer as an extra purchase?

That's interesting. I have got to say that they are missing out on a
great upgrade.

I just checked and a single user academic license [sic] of
StatTransfer is USD 179.

As I understand, Sergiy's add-ons could help them a lot.

StataCorp would, I think, be interested in hard evidence that they are
losing out on sales because people really need a kind of "save to
SPSS" command before they can decide to buy. I have no insight into
how SPSS is managed.


On 19 October 2013 09:06, Dirk Enzmann <> wrote:
> The conversion problem will most likely not affect people having access to
> Stata *and* to SPSS and using their data for themselves, only.
> But: There are people living is poorer countries / working at poorer
> equipped institutions / having less resources so that they have to use the
> software available. These people can't choose as easily to buy StatTransfer
> or to buy a Stata license. But very often these people still have access to
> SPSS (of course, you can ask what drives their poor institution to buy the
> much more expensive SPSS package, but this is a different point).
> With SPSS, however, you can only import Stata 8/9 (format 113) and 10/11
> (format 114) files, but not newer. Imagine there are persons who would like
> to use Stata and who (for good reasons) decide to buy the newest version of
> Stata (and not SPSS): If they represent a minority in a research project
> co-operating with many researchers using SPSS (some for the above mentioned
> reason), they will feel a strong pressure to decide against Stata because
> -saveold- of Stata 13 saves files (format 117) only in Stata 12 (format
> 115), thus they have to buy StatTransfer additionally, otherwise their
> co-operation will stop. If they had the possibility to save Stata 13 files
> from within Stata in a format which can be read by SPSS (format 114 would be
> sufficient), they had much better arguments to buy Stata 13.
> This is not a theoretical possibility only, I know colleagues having exactly
> this problem.
> Dirk
> Tue, 15 Oct 2013 16:19:51 +0100, Nick Cox<> wrote
>> Not to knock SPSS, although for many that qualifies as an acceptable
>> sport, but what drives people to use SPSS if they also have access to
>> Stata?
>> I am not trying to be ironic here. It is (literally) decades, i.e.
>> sometime last century I think, since I last used SPSS, so I am quite
>> out of touch on its relative strengths.
>> Please take as understood that some users prefer its user interface.
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