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Re: st: Saving bootstrap samples

From   Margaret MacDougall <>
Subject   Re: st: Saving bootstrap samples
Date   Mon, 17 Jun 2013 22:05:19 +0100

Dear Nick

I am sorry if I did not provide all of the information you required. Under your item 1., your third option looks attractive. I have three variables in the one spreadsheet from which the bootstrap samples are to be taken and would favour generating bootstrap samples of these which are saved within the original spreadsheet, if possible. It would be ideal if the output requested for each of these samples was also stored in the original spreadsheet, in this case, alongside each corresponding sample, in one or more columns if possible.

Best wishes


On 15/06/2013 09:16, Nick Cox wrote:
Apart from the word "saving", what you seek is unclear.

Some precision on exactly what you seek would help:

1. Different bootstrap samples as

each a separate dataset
each a block of observations in  a combined dataset
each a block of variables in a combined dataset

2. Results of computations on each

stored precisely how.


On 15 June 2013 08:39, Margaret MacDougall <> wrote:

Thanks for your reply. It is the saving of the bootstrap samples I was
specifically asking about, but I would wish to save them in addition to the
output generated for particular parameters. Is it possible to combine these
two tasks?
On 14/06/2013 14:40, Maarten Buis wrote:

On Fri, Jun 14, 2013 at 3:31 PM, Margaret MacDougall wrote:
I would value some tips on how best to go about saving bootstrap samples
generated by means of the bootstrap command in Stata.
Do you want to save the samples or the statistics computed in each
sample? The latter can easily be achieved using the -saving()- option.
The former is harder. You'll probably have to abandon -bootstrap- and
code the loop yourself and draw random observation in each iteration
using -bsample-. It is probably most convient to store those samples
as fweights, like so:

forvalues i = 1/10 {
      qui gen w`i' = .
      bsample , weight(w`i')

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