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st: problem with ineqdeco & remote access

From   simone scarpa <>
Subject   st: problem with ineqdeco & remote access
Date   Tue, 2 Oct 2012 19:44:20 +0200


I am a beginner with STATA and I apologize in advance if my question
is long and/or too simple.

I have a problem with the ineqdeco module. I have used this excellent
module before but today I have encountered a strange problem with the
bygroup option.
When I run the following command:
. ineqdeco income, bygroup (ethnicgroup)
I get only the first part of the output (Percentile ratios,
Generalized Entropy indices, Atkinson indices) but then, after the
three tables, I do not get the decomposition of the indices but,
instead, I get the following error message:
. invalid syntax
. r(198);

I think that this problem is strange for two reasons:
(1) Firstly, the syntax worked perfectly - with the same dataset -
until a few months ago (May 2012). For privacy reasons, I need to
access the computer hosting my dataset through remote access. This
computer is in fact administered by a governmental body. I don't know
which changes may have been done to the Stata software installed on
that computer since May 2012 (when the syntax still worked). I already
asked to the computer administrators to reinstall the module with the
following command:
. ssc inst ineqdeco, replace
However this did not solve my problem, i.e. I still get the same error
message (invalid syntax + r(198)).
(2) Secondly, the same syntax works perfectly on my computer, with
another dataset. I have Stata 9 on my computer while Stata 12 is
instead installed on the remote computer.

If the problem is related to the Stata software installed on the
remote computer, I need to be able to explain to the computer
administrators what they have to do in order to solve this problem (if
it can be solved).

I do hope that someone in this mailing list can help me.

Kind regards,
Simone Scarpa - Linnaeus University
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