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st: Reshape Long r(101) Error

Subject   st: Reshape Long r(101) Error
Date   Sun, 19 Feb 2012 11:29:44 -0800

Dear Listerv Members,

I have a database taken from an online survey in why in which attorneys rate judges on a number of questions. The database is currently in VERY wide form, with one observation for each attorney response and about 900 variables representing about 15 questions per judge. I would like for these to be at the judge level, such that each entry is a single attorney's ratings on 15 questions for a single judge (plus a handful of attorney-level variables, which will not be transposed).

I have renamed all 900+ variables such that the prefix is jXX representing each judge and the endings of the variables are _qXX representing the questions. I have attempted the following reshape command:

reshape long @_q1 @_q2 [etc], i(id) j(judgeid) string

I get an r(101) error saying "long not allowed" but I'm pretty sure that long is supposed to be allowed. Am I missing something here?

To be thorough, here's the exact command I used:

reshape long @_q1a @_q1b @_q2 @_q3a @_q4 @_q5 @_q6 @_q7 @_q8 @_q9 @_q10 @_q11a @_q11b @_q12 @_q13 @_q14 @_ret, i(id) j(judgeid) string

I am using Stata/SE 11.2, and I've confirmed that it has been updated.

Rebecca Gill
University of Nevada Las Vegas
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