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st: error when using felsdvregdm

From   Prashant <>
Subject   st: error when using felsdvregdm
Date   Mon, 20 Feb 2012 00:35:35 +0800

Hi everyone,

I am using felsdvregdm and get the error message "variable __00000Y
not found". I am using Stata SE 11.2 on Windows 7 and the following

felsdvregdm dropout2011 voucher_yn correctperclag goacdemichilag
govetlag age female assetvalue2010 hb sx, ///
			ivar(studentid) jvar(classcode2010) reff(province2010) peff(stufe_dm) ///
			feff(classfe_dm) feffse(classse_dm) mover(mover) group(group) ///
			xb(xb) res(resid) mnum(mnum) pobs(pobs) onelevel

dropout2011 is the (in this case binary) outcome variable
voucher_yn correctperclag goacdemichilag govetlag age female
assetvalue2010 are covariates
hb and sx are two dummy variables for the two regions that cover the sample
studentid is a unique student id
classcode2010 is a unique class id (students are nested in classes)
province2010 is a dummy variable with two levels (1 = sx, 2 = hb), the
values are mutually exclusive and exhaustive
all of the other parts of the code will create variables (with names
I've set in parathenses) and are required by the program

I want to "correctly" estimate class fixed effects and related
standard errors in a model with one level of fixed effects.

I was wondering if someone might be willing to point out why I am
getting the above error message.

Note: felsdvregdm is a user-written command: see Mihaly, K.,
McCaffrey, D.F., Lockwood, J.R., Sass, T.R. 2010, "Centering and
referencing groups for estimates of fixed effects: Modifications to
felsdvreg", The Stata Journal 2010, 10(1), pp. 82-103)

Thank you very much,
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