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Re: st: re: nearstat version

From   Richard Williams <>
To, "" <>
Subject   Re: st: re: nearstat version
Date   Fri, 03 Feb 2012 12:00:10 -0500

At 06:30 AM 2/3/2012, Christopher Baum wrote:
Actually, looking at nearstat.mata, if you -do- that routine it will create the library under your current version of Mata >= 10.1, and once you have that library, nearstat will use that copy. So you only need to -do- this code once.

I agree with Nick that it is somewhat mystifying to have a sequence

version 10.1
void foobar( )
mata mlib create...
mata mlib add...


and then end up with a Mata library that is not usable under version 10.1. But as Nick suggested, the recommended inclusion of a -version- statement before invoking Mata presumably just prevents the code from ever running in version 9.x, and does not imply that the library will be compatible with version 10.1.

I should have kept reading before I posted. A suggestion for programmers though: I keep all my old versions of Stata around. If I revise a program that supposedly works in Stata 9, I run it in Stata 9 to make sure I haven't zapped something. It is really easy to use some relatively new feature and not realize that an earlier version of Stata has no idea what it is. You may want to rerelease an old version under a new name (e.g. add a 9 to the name) but if it is just a matter of tweaking a few lines you might as well try to have a single program that maintains compatibility with earlier versions of Stata.

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