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RE: st: using foreach in regression models - combing graphs from the different variables

From   Nick Cox <>
To   "''" <>
Subject   RE: st: using foreach in regression models - combing graphs from the different variables
Date   Tue, 25 Oct 2011 15:48:55 +0100

There are various problems here, if I understand you correctly. One is that the -graph combine- statement must be outside the -foreach- loop and not inside it. A second is that you are just asking -graph combine- to work on one graph, so it is not at all surprising that this does not work. A third is that -graph combine- will not work on *.png! 

A way forward is to accumulate filenames within the loop so that you have a statement something like 

local files `files' `"<details of new file each time round the loop>"'  

and then outside the loop you go 

graph combine `files' 

In essence, you have to name the files, or equivalently the graphs, to be -combine-d. This is quite explicit in the help. 

I see here only code that if corrected would produce 4 graphs.  

It's no doubt a generational thing, but I would never put spaces in filenames in Windows, even though it's allowed, as it's more likely to bite me than to benefit me. I see here "C:\TEST \" and "C:\Test\"; I don't know how Windows would react to that. 

.png as final thing to be exported is your concern. 


Tim Evans

I have modified my regression commands in order that I can loop through the variables and graph them. I'm stuck on how to use graph combine to combine these graphs into one page (5 graphs on each page), following on the from the loop as follows:


loc covariates "i.NRCENT i.site__4 sex i.id07 i.yydx"
	foreach var of varlist agegrp id07 NRCENT site__4  {
	di as text "Does `var' affect you getting surgery (any from HES) (Adjusted)"
	cap noi logistic everrcsurgeryhes2 i.`var' `covariates'
		qui do "C:\TEST \labelling" /*
		*/ "O/R of surgery (any from HES) (`var')"
		qui graph export "C:\Test\Adjusted_`var'_surgery (any from HES).png", replace	
		di as text "End of Does `var' affect you getting surgery (any from HES) (Adjusted)"
		graph combine "C:\Test\Unadjusted_`var'_ any surgery from HES.png" ****THIS DID NOT WORK***

I don't know whether I can use regexm to say the filename begins with 'Unadjusted' and ends with 'from HES' and incorporate this into the graph combine, but essentially I don't explicitly name the graphs as they are stored and don't want to name them explicitly (by this I mean type each one out as I may in future add more to my varlist).

I'm assuming I will have to save as .gph before saving the final version as a png if that's my chosen format?

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