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Re: st: Re: Mean2 question

From   Richard Williams <>
Subject   Re: st: Re: Mean2 question
Date   Tue, 27 Sep 2011 10:58:27 -0400

At 04:12 AM 9/27/2011, Nick Cox wrote:
This doesn't make complete sense without the original question from 14
September, copied below my signature.

The key points I can establish are

1. Kate is using -mean2- (Roy Wada, SSC) which in turn calls -outreg2-
(Roy Wada, SSC) and -sxpose- (mine, SSC). In turn they call yet other
user-written commands by Roy and official commands.

2. Like Richard, I can replicate this example without difficulty.

3. The objection is to some -linesize()- call somewhere in these
programs and what they call.

There are further possibilities:

(a) A mystery element here is a difference between computers, neither
of which is specified. Kate might specify which flavour of Stata and
which operating system are involved in each case, just so we can think
about what that might imply.

Good point. There is also the possibility that Stata is corrupted on one machine and needs to be re-installed. Also, to my earlier advice, I would suggest running commands like

which mean2, all
which sxpose, all
which outreg2, all

If you have multiple versions of a program installed, it is possible that the wrong version is getting executed because Stata finds it first. When I do the above, I get

. which mean2, all

*! mean2 1.0.0 26jan2010 by
*! Makes a table of estimate means with subpopulation differences

. which sxpose, all

*! NJC 1.0.0 14 October 2004

. which outreg2, all

*! outreg2 2.2.4 12apr2010 by
*! based on outreg 3.0.6/4.0.0 by

You could still have problems if these are calling other programs that are the wrong versions.

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