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Re: st: Creating a second output data set

From   Bryan Sayer <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: Creating a second output data set
Date   Wed, 07 Sep 2011 09:40:18 -0400

-postfile- will post my results, but my reading of how it works seems to indicate that my original data set cannot be open at the same time. The examples appear to me to clear the existing data set from memory.

Admittedly, this is without me having tried anything yet, but am I not reading it correctly?

What I need to do is a double loop through the input data set, outputting a record on each iteration of each loop. So I need the input data set open in memory, and a second file to post the results to.

Are there any examples of something similar?


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On 9/6/2011 4:58 PM, Roger Newson wrote:
I think you are looking for the -postfile- utility. In Stata, type

help postfile

to find out more.


Best wishes


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On 06/09/2011 21:53, Bryan Sayer wrote:
I need to create an output data set that will differ in the content and
number of observations from the input file. The observations will be
created one at a time, based on the input data set.

Specifically, I am creating all combinations of N objects taken two at a
time. I will probably also do permutations.

The input data set (to start with) consists of N records with two
variables, the primary sampling unit (PSU) and a size variable
associated with the PSU (a count variable). I want to create two output
data sets. One is each combination of PSU with the associated joint
probability. The second has the same structure as the input data set but
includes the marginal probability, calculated as the sum of the joint
probabilities associated with the PSU (which are accumulated as each
combination is created).

The part I am stuck on is how to output the data set of combinations.
Can someone point me to a program that outputs a file as calculations
are made?

(For those interested, this is for probability proportional to size
(PPS) sampling. See, for example, Levy and Lemeshow "Sampling of
Populations, chapter 11).

Here is an example of one stratum:

Input data set (with marginal probability added)

District Size pi(i)
LUWEERO 12,466 0.916858
KAMPALA 3,459 0.542857
TORORO 2,815 0.448739
KAMULI 549 0.091546
Total 19,289

Output data set:


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