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st: How to start a bar graph with a minimum other than 0

From   Andrew Hsiao <[email protected]>
To   "[email protected]" <[email protected]>
Subject   st: How to start a bar graph with a minimum other than 0
Date   Wed, 31 Aug 2011 10:24:40 -0400


I was trying to create a bar graph with a set of group means. The differences between the groups are not big numerically but I'd like to highlight the differences. I want to  plot the bars at a value other than 0 (not meant to mislead but to make the point of where they differ).

I thought yscale(range(50 100)) would do the trick but it doesn't. Even including exclude0 has no effect. Is Stata trying to keep me honest? Or am I missing something? 

Thanks for anyone who would shed the light.


============================================================================= the syntax I used:

graph bar (mean) atdpct1011sep (mean) atdpct1011oct (mean) atdpct1011nov (mean) atdpct1011dec (mean) atdpct1011jan ///
	(mean) atdpct1011feb (mean) atdpct1011mar (mean) atdpct1011apr (mean) atdpct1011may (mean) atdpct1011jun ///
	if bucket != "Transfer", title(2010-2011 Monthly Average Attendance) ytitle(Average Monthly Attendance) note(* transfer schools not included) ///
	bar(1, fcolor(ltkhaki) lcolor(gs10)) bar(2, fcolor(gs15) lcolor(gs10)) bar(3, fcolor(gs15) lcolor(gs10)) bar(4, fcolor(gs15) lcolor(gs10)) ///
	bar(5, fcolor(gs15) lcolor(gs10)) bar(6, fcolor(gs15) lcolor(gs10)) bar(7, fcolor(gs15) lcolor(gs10)) bar(8, fcolor(gs15) lcolor(gs10)) ///
	bar(9, fcolor(gs15) lcolor(gs10)) bar(10, fcolor(gs15) lcolor(gs10)) ///
	bargap(10) yscale(range(50 100)) ylabel(0(10)100) legend(off) showyvars ///
	yvaroptions(relabel(1"Sep" 2 "Oct" 3 "Nov" 4 "Dec" 5 "Jan" 6 "Feb" 7 "Mar" 8 "Apr" 9 "May" 10 "Jun")label(angle(45))) ///
	by(, title(2010-2011 Monthly Attendance) note(* Transfer schools not included; based on monthly ATS RIAS reports)) exclude0

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