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Re: st: graph twoway option by() dose not allow variable with a comma in the value labels

From   Oliver Jones <>
Subject   Re: st: graph twoway option by() dose not allow variable with a comma in the value labels
Date   Thu, 14 Apr 2011 17:38:03 +0200

Hi Nick,

that's the problem! The UNIX Version didn't get updated for quite some time...
Since I don't have the system rights to perform the update myself,
I'll have to ask the administrators. :-)

Dose anyone know if it is possible to perform the updated automatically?

Thanks a lot.


Am 14.04.2011 17:28, schrieb Nick Cox:
According to -help whatsnew-, this was fixed last year:

-------- update 04nov2010 -----------------------------------------------------

      3.  graph, by() would exit with an error when any of the variables
          specified in option by() had value labels or string values that
          contained commas.  This has been fixed.

Is your Unix version up-to-date?


On Thu, Apr 14, 2011 at 4:04 PM, Oliver Jones
<>  wrote:

I just came across a problem while using the twoway option by().
When the value labels of the variable in by() has a comma the graph
can not be plotted.
This little example reproduces the error:

************ Begin example *************
sysuse auto, clear

* Define a label with a comma in the label value.
label define lbl_foreign 0 "Domestic, i.e. Made in USA" 1 "Foreign"
label values foreign lbl_foreign

tw (scatter mpg price) (lfit mpg price), by(foreign)
************ End example *************

Just as I was preparing this example I found out that this problem seems to
related to the operating system in use.
There is no problem using Windows, but I get an error message when I do the
commands on the UNIX Server...

Dose anyone has an explanation? Or is this a question for the Stata
Technical Services?
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