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Re: st: Pie chart problem

From   Philip Burgess <>
Subject   Re: st: Pie chart problem
Date   Sun, 21 Feb 2010 14:26:28 +1000

Maarten, Martin, Nick & Vince;

Thanks for all of your advice - with this, I was able to 'manually'
deal with the plabels issue. A bit of a pest but I did get it sorted -
thank you!

Also, my original (sloppy) replies to Marteen and Martin seem to have
given rise to list traffic on my confusion. Well, the various
exchanges were at least some relief from my plabel dilemma - but also,
my apologies to Maarten and Martin for my error.



On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 7:45 AM, Vince Wiggins, StataCorp
<> wrote:
> Philip Burgess <> has rediscovered a bug when using
> option -by()- with -graph pie- and when the number of pie slices differs
> across categories.  Actually, the conditions are more specific than just that,
> but difficult difficult to explain.  Phillip writes,
>> [...] I get the following error message:
>> plabel[1-2+1].style.ref: class type not found
>> r(4018);
> I say rediscovered because Nick Cox <> notes that he
> previously reported the same bug.  I have found that bug report, will dust it
> off, and we will get a fix in a future update.  I admit that I have been
> ignoring my weekly reminder to fix that bug for more than a few weeks.  The
> fix will not be in the very next update because that box is closed.
> I would like to expand on Nick Cox's suggested workaround,
>> As work-around is to spell out separate -plabel()- calls.
> I believe Philip's graph will work if he replaces -plabel(_all ...)- with
> -plabel(1 ...) plabel(2 ...)  plabel(3 ...)- and so on, until he has
> individually specified enough labels for all the pie slices.  He can even
> specify -plabel(# ...)- for slices that do not exist.  It is the bookkeeping
> for -_all- that fails in the face of varying numbers of slices for by groups
> and leads to the ugly, not for public consumption, error message.
> -- Vince
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