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Re: st: how to save the result of percentile using summarize

From   Philipp Rehm <>
Subject   Re: st: how to save the result of percentile using summarize
Date   Sat, 20 Feb 2010 22:39:07 -0500

Your example syntax doesn't really work - and you display information from the helpfile that suggests so.

Consider this example:
sysuse auto, clear
su price,detail
di "** `r(p66)' **"
list if price>r(p66)

What you posted under "stata help copy" suggests that r(p66) is not defined (-sum, detail- returns r(p75) and r(p90), but no other percentile between these two). A quick way to find out would be:

sum price,detail
ereturn list

To access p66, you have several options, including the following two:

_pctile price, p(66)
ret li
di "*** `r(r1)' ***"

egen p66 = pctile(price), p(66)

Type "help pctile" for more info.


On 2/20/2010 10:22 PM, Nobuya Fukugawa wrote:
is it possible to save the result of percentile other than listed
below (e.g. 66th percentile) using "summarize"?
su y,detail
list if y>r(p66)

------stata help copy-------
Saved results

    summarize saves the following in r():

      r(N)           number of observations
      r(mean)        mean
      r(skewness)    skewness (detail only)
      r(min)         minimum
      r(max)         maximum
      r(sum_w)       sum of the weights
      r(p1)          1st percentile (detail only)
      r(p5)          5th percentile (detail only)
      r(p10)         10th percentile (detail only)
      r(p25)         25th percentile (detail only)
      r(p50)         50th percentile (detail only)
      r(p75)         75th percentile (detail only)
      r(p90)         90th percentile (detail only)
      r(p95)         95th percentile (detail only)
      r(p99)         99th percentile (detail only)
      r(Var)         variance
      r(kurtosis)    kurtosis (detail only)
      r(sum)         sum of variable
      r(sd)          standard deviation

thank you in advance.
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