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st: using desmat svy reg with dependent variable _x_1 ?

From   Björn Bünger <>
Subject   st: using desmat svy reg with dependent variable _x_1 ?
Date   Wed, 17 Feb 2010 13:27:31 +0100

Dear statalisters,

I want to estimate a regression with the following syntax:
desmat: svy: reg sathlth obesedum*@docvis

Two problems arise: First, the regression is reported using "_X_1" as dependent variable (which I suppose means that the first category of (ordinally scaled) sathlth is used as dependent variable.)

The second (and in my opinion more severe) problem is that the other catogories for sathlth are included in the output as  independent variables.

If I define sathlth as continuous variable (@sathlth) this effect does not occur, but even if I estimate the equation in an ordered probit framework it does (desmat: svy: oprobit  sathlth obesedum*@docvis ).

How should I proceed if I want to include sathlth only as dependent variable?

 I'm grateful for advices and hints

Björn Bünger
Institute of Public Economics 
University of Münster

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