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st: Canned Bivariate Model

From   Alex Rutt <>
Subject   st: Canned Bivariate Model
Date   Tue, 16 Feb 2010 15:57:52 +0000


I am trying to run a canned version of Abowd and Farber (1982) bivaraite probit model with partial observability. I am doing this to try to correct for selection bias when looking at the effects of IMF programs on economic growth. The basic problem is that although I can run a standard bivaraite probit model with partial observability I cannot adapt it so that I can run the canned version of the model. i was wondering if anyone knew how to adapt it so that I could run the canned version. Furthermore I need to run this regression so that I can create hazard rates for the Heckman Selection model, I have worked out how to create hazard rates when looking at a simple regression, but I can't seem to create two different hazard rates, one for each of the regression results from the bivariate probit model. Any help would be most appreciated.



The original version is in:
Abowd, J.M., Farber, H.S., 1982. Job queues and the union status of workers. Industrial and Labor Relations Review 35, 354–367.
Heckman Selection model:
Heckman, J.J., 1979. Sample selection bias as a specification error. Econometrica 47, 153–161
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