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st: Stata always breaks down when we use -nnmatch-

From   Stata Chris <>
Subject   st: Stata always breaks down when we use -nnmatch-
Date   Mon, 15 Feb 2010 09:06:45 -0500

Dear all,

we are trying to do some nearest-neighbor matching with the -nnmatch- command,
with 3500 treated and 200,000 potential control units,
currently with about 5 matching variables, thereof 3 continuous ones.

Unfortunately the program always breaks down and generates this error message:
"Insufficient memory to create more variables: Either increase memory
or decrease m"

We already left the number of matches at the default value of 1, so
there is no scope there,
and we set the memory to 12G, which also looks quite big.

I found an older Statalist entry that points out the need to have at
least 1GB RAM, which I'm sure we do have at least,
but I don't know whether we can do anything beyond that?
Or should we use another command that can achive the same results,
while using less memory?

Thank you very much for your suggestions and best regards,
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