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st: Roy Wada

From   Ben Jann <>
To   statalist <>
Subject   st: Roy Wada
Date   Tue, 2 Feb 2010 00:05:08 +0100

The whole Roy Wada story is so unreal, I sometimes think someone plays a
bad joke on me. But the joke is just too bad.

Roy accuses me of taking other people's work and publishing it under my
name (without giving credit). He implies that I do this on a regular basis.
He suggests that I would not be capable of writing such programs on my own.
This is highly insulting.

Roy even accuses me of manipulating the SSC download statistics for my
purposes and provides extensive analyses of download statistics from SSC
and RePEc, seemingly proving his claims! Think about that. This very much
reminds me of someone with a delusional disorder.

I decided to resign from Statalist for a while. I know I shouldn't because
this way Roy gets what he wants. I just can't take Roy's bullshit no
longer, emotionally.

People who appreciate my programs can always reach me using the address
given in the helpfiles.


PS: Roy, I liked your idea about significant digits, but I did not like
your code, so I wrote my own. I gave credit to you/outreg2 from the very
beginning (in the code; on Statalist when announcing the corresponding
update; in the Stata Journal; on the estout website) but somehow you do not
seem to be willing to recognize that. That the acknowledgement did not make
its way into the helpfile was certainly not intentional. I would have no
problem adding it, if you managed to be a little less offending.
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