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st: re: TeX template for PDF help files

From   "Airey, David C" <david.airey@Vanderbilt.Edu>
To   Statalist <>
Subject   st: re: TeX template for PDF help files
Date   Sun, 22 Nov 2009 11:29:06 -0600


Kit wrote:

> The stated policy of the SSC Archive will be retained for the tie being: packages must contain a SMCL help file to be included in the archive.

One possibility for those hating the SMCL format (isn't it just like writing manually in any other markup?) is to make a minimal SMCL template to link to an external PDF. Some people include ancillary PDFs. So instead, just use the PDF as the main expository vehicle. That's legal if against the grain of what is on SSC.

What does R do these days? They dynamically create HTML help files and also have PDF files. I personally like the way Stata SMCL works for help in the viewer over flat PDF help files--I love when authors add linked examples to run (thank you!). I would not care if the same functionality were in HTML or PDFs with links. Do people know enough to make links in PDFs? Can you run examples that way?


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