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RE: st: Stata 11 Announcement (statalist-digest V4 #3467)

From   "Allan Reese (Cefas)" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Stata 11 Announcement (statalist-digest V4 #3467)
Date   Fri, 26 Jun 2009 12:08:09 +0100

Looks exciting and worthwhile.  I'm delighted to get the manuals in pdf,
not least because it's easy to find links across several manuals and I'm
running out of shelf space.  It also makes it easier to give access to
the full manuals after buying 1 set of manuals and several licences.
While there may be money from sales of physical manuals, I suspect there
is more long-term benefit from sharing the manuals and finding people
then want the software.

It's great to get Greek and sub/superscripts for graphs but the
promotional example ( strikes
me as one where I feel it would be clearer to most readers, and all
non-mathematicians, to caption the equation "mpg = 1/ (a+b.weight+e)"
(for "a" read alpha etc!).  If promotions should show best practice, I
approve that the big example has the y labels rotated to be readable but
question why the other examples leave them in the default.  And the
{&chi}{sup:2} should have the df as {sub:3}.

The # notation makes sense, but it may be subtle for many users and
leaves the possibility to confuse fitting variables as continuous or
discrete.  If I understand Bill's example sex#group is parsed as simply because # was used.  Hence do you *have* to use the
new c. in where you might currently get away with sex.age if
sex is coded 0/1?   

Eager to upgrade,

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