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st: generating new variables containing confidence intervals

From   "Werf M (van der) (SP)" <>
To   "''" <>
Subject   st: generating new variables containing confidence intervals
Date   Fri, 26 Jun 2009 09:59:40 +0200

Currently we are conducting a systematic review and meta-analysis on the age-specific incidence of schizophrenia. Therefore, we want to calculate, for each sample and each age strata, the corresponding upper and lower confindence intervals for the incidence rate. Although the command cii #exposure #events , poisson [ciip_options] provides the confidence intervals, I need to generate multiple confidence intervals in my dataset and I would like to save them in two new variables (eg. ci_upper & ci_lower) containg the upper and lower confidence intervals.

My data looks like this:

Sample ID       Age             Cases           Population
        1       15-20           100             9087652
        1       21-25           150             10098761
        2       15-20           80              8976543
        2       21-25           90              9876541

This is probably really easy, but thus far I have not been able to find the right command. And I guess there must be a way in which I don’t have to calculate it manually.

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