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Re: st: Stata 11 Announcement

From   Richard Williams <>
To   "" <>, "" <>
Subject   Re: st: Stata 11 Announcement
Date   Fri, 26 Jun 2009 02:10:32 -0500

At 11:54 PM 6/25/2009, William Gould, StataCorp LP wrote:
Following long tradition, we are informing Statalist first:

    Stata 11 begins shipping Monday, July 27.

Great news.  Some initial reactions:

* I am most surprised by the news that manuals will be available in pdf. That has been a longtime request, but everyone's guess was that this wasn't in Stata's best financial interest. Obviously something has changed that assessment.

* I'm happy to see multiple imputation in there. There have been some nice individual efforts along these lines, but I'm guessing/hoping that Stata will now provide much better support.

* Also looking forward to checking out margins and state-space modeling.

* I don't quite see what the big deal is with factor variables. So, I don't have to type xi anymore? Well, I guess that is nice... but I imagine the advantages go way beyond that.

* I wonder if any user-written post-estimation commands will get zapped...factor variables especially sound like they might zap something that was looking for the actual variables used, but maybe not.

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