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Re: st: smcl files-txt files

From   Rodrigo Briceño <>
Subject   Re: st: smcl files-txt files
Date   Thu, 11 Jun 2009 13:26:08 -0600

Gary what I mean with "saved as txt file" is that I have the file
(called brook.txt) with txt extension, but inside the log it is
possible to see that it was generated using smcl (log:

2009/6/11 Gary Longton <>:
> <>
> If this is truly a smcl log file, you should be able to use Stata's
> translator (see -help translate-) to convert to a text file without the
> directives (use the smcl2txt translator).
> It's not clear to me what you mean by "saved as a txt file".  A SMCL file is
> just an ASCII text file that includes smcl directives.  I believe a SMCL
> file needs to have a .smcl extension for the viewer to read it as such, i.e.
> to interpret rather than display the included directives.
> If it has a .smcl extension and you are unable to open in it the viewer (eg.
> with -view <filename.smcl>- from the command line ) without a resulting
> display of the included directives, then I suspect you will have trouble
> with the translator also.
> - Gary
> Rodrigo Briceño wrote:
>> Dear Stata Listers. Few days ago I received a log file with a set of
>> results from a consultant. The file was saved as a txt file, but the
>> contents of the file are still keeping some SMCL references. This
>> happened because although the file was saved as txt, it was generated
>> as a log in SMCL. (For example:
>> like {smcl}
>> {com}{sf}{ul off}{txt}{.-}
>>       log:  {res}C:\data\brooks02.smcl
>>  {txt}log type:  {res}smcl
>>  {txt}opened on:  {res}26 May 2009, 10:40:39)
>> The thing is that I tried to open the file in Stata 9.2 with a viewer
>> and all the results are mixed with this set of symbols and signs. I
>> tried saving the file as .smcl, but this didn't work. My question to
>> you is that if it is possible to get rid of the symbols or otherwise
>> being able to see the log in a nice format.
>> I don't know which version of Stata the consultant used, what I know
>> is that locate him is a neverending task.
>> Thanks for your gently response.
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