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st: Factor Analysis with ordinal and binary variables

From   "" <>
Subject   st: Factor Analysis with ordinal and binary variables
Date   Tue, 2 Jun 2009 13:49:42 +0200


I have question concerning factor analysis on variables with different
measurement levels.

The questionnaire consists of binary and ordinal variables. If I would
have just binary variables, I would use the tetrachoric correlation
coefficients. For the ordinal I assume approx. normality and then use
the ordinary factor analysis capability.

But what do I do when I have both variables? Is it an option to
construct the variance-covariance matrix by  hand? And what do I take
for the correlation between binary and ordinal?

Maybe is there a model class which takes care of that, that yields
similar outcomes as factor analysis but can deal with such kind of
data (e.g. correspondence analysis).

I am grateful for every hint.

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