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Re: st: RE: Return r(111) this time

From   Eva Poen <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: Return r(111) this time
Date   Sun, 15 Mar 2009 20:47:04 +0000


I'm not sure I understand you here. Are you referring to the line

> replace `lnc' = 5+`aq'*`lnq' ...

where there is a hard coded 5 (not a starting value! This is a set
value.), and did you replace this value of 5 by another parameter,
e.g. `a0'? In terms of the program, that is not a problem as long as
you adjust your code. It would be easiest if you put this parameter
last, since this saves you the pain of changing all your `at'[1,x]
statements to `at'[1,x+1]. Therefore, my suggestion would be to code

       scalar `dmm'=`at'[1,61]
       tempname a0
       scalar `a0'    =`at'[1,62]

       quietly {
          replace `lnc' = `a0'+ ....

Now, for the debugging, just follow my suggestions earlier, and invoke
your program directly. You need to create a matrix of initial values,
e.g. zeros for all coefficients. If you have 62 parameters, you do

matrix a = J(1,62,0)

which gives you a row vector of 62 zeros. Next create copies of all
your dependent variables, and invoke your program:

set trace on
nlsurwellbehav "copies of dep. variables" "right hand side variables" , at(a)

and see where the problem lies.


2009/3/15  <>:
> Hi,
> First, I corrected all the typo.
> Then I changed constant item 5 to a0 in the first equation. I setted
> constant item a0 as a strating value 5 in my previous codes, because they
> did so in the example. Now I decide to scalar a new coef. a0. Is that ok? Or
> I need to set the constant item at other starting value?
> Second, I typed -set trace on- before running the stuff. Here's the error
> record:
> }
> -------------------------------------------------------------- end
> nlsurwellbehav  ---
> - }
> - if _rc {
> - di as error "nlsur`eqn' returned " _rc
> = di as error "nlsurwellbehav returned " _rc
> nlsurwellbehav returned 111
> - di as error "verify that nlsur`eqn' is a function evaluator program"
> = di as error "verify that nlsurwellbehav is a function evaluator program"
> verify that nlsurwellbehav is a function evaluator program
> - exit _rc
> }
> }
> ---------------------------------------------------------------- end
> nlsur.Estimate  ---
> end nlsur       ---
> r(111);
> I am thinking there maybe another kind of errors in my codes. Say there's
> two items in my equation:   a*lne   and   b*lne*lne. I think I should define
> them as:
> replace `lnc'=`a'*`lne'+`b'*``lnpe'*`lne''
> In my previous codes I defined them as:
> `lnc'=`a'*`lne'+`b'*`lnpe'*`lne'
> Does it cause the r(111)?
> Jingjing

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