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Re: st: RE: Return r(111) this time

Subject   Re: st: RE: Return r(111) this time
Date   Sun, 15 Mar 2009 15:10:07 -0400


First, I corrected all the typo.

Then I changed constant item 5 to a0 in the first equation. I setted constant item a0 as a strating value 5 in my previous codes, because they did so in the example. Now I decide to scalar a new coef. a0. Is that ok? Or I need to set the constant item at other starting value?

Second, I typed -set trace on- before running the stuff. Here's the error record:

-------------------------------------------------------------- end nlsurwellbehav ---
- }
- if _rc {
- di as error "nlsur`eqn' returned " _rc
= di as error "nlsurwellbehav returned " _rc
nlsurwellbehav returned 111
- di as error "verify that nlsur`eqn' is a function evaluator program"
= di as error "verify that nlsurwellbehav is a function evaluator program"
verify that nlsurwellbehav is a function evaluator program
- exit _rc
---------------------------------------------------------------- end nlsur.Estimate ---
end nlsur	---

I am thinking there maybe another kind of errors in my codes. Say there's two items in my equation: a*lne and b*lne*lne. I think I should define them as:

replace `lnc'=`a'*`lne'+`b'*``lnpe'*`lne''

In my previous codes I defined them as:


Does it cause the r(111)?


Quoting Eva Poen <>:

I have to correct myself in the sense that -trace- will show, with
-nlsur-, details of the program used. It will not, however, pass on
the error message, or the return code, of the program. That makes it
more difficult to pinpoint the error. The same happens if -set trace
on- is used inside the program, irrespective of -tracedepth-.

When the program is invoked directly (without -nlsur-), the error
messages will relate to actual problem inside the program. The program
will, however, change the data if it runs successfully; therefore,
copies of the dependent variables should be used.


2009/3/15 Nick Cox <>:
I've not tried it with -nlsur- but in general it is true that you may
need to -set tracedepth- too. Alternatively, and probably better here,
insert  -set trace on- at the beginning of your own program.


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