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Re: st: RE: Return r(111) this time

From   Eva Poen <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: Return r(111) this time
Date   Sun, 15 Mar 2009 18:16:29 +0000

Nick spotted two important points which I overlooked:

> scalar `aqq'=at'[1,5]

should be

scalar `aqq'=`at'[1,5]

Also, the if condition has to be added at the end of the program:

replace `lnc' = .... `if'
replace `sl'  = .... `if'
replace `sk'  = .... `if'
replace `sm' = .... `if'

where ... stands for the very long expressions in Jingjing's code.

Concerning -trace- and -nlsur-: From my (quick) experiments it
appeared that -trace- will only show details of the program if it is
invoked directly (i.e. without -nlsur-). In order to to that, one has
to be careful to use copies of the dependent variables, since the
program will change those variables if running successfully.


2009/3/15 Nick Cox <>:
> scalar `aqq'=at'[1,5]
> is another typo. I didn't try finding any others.
> Do please find out about -set trace-, today!
> P.S. A bug here is that your program allows -if- but ignores it.
> Nick
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