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Re: st: 64-bit Stata for Mac now available

Subject   Re: st: 64-bit Stata for Mac now available
Date   Thu, 26 Feb 2009 13:44:03 -0600

Michael Hanson <> wrote:

> Great, thanks!  If one downloads the executable from <http:// 
>> later today, will that  
> contain the changes?  Or must they be obtained through an -update-  
> within Stata?

We always keep updates you can download from within Stata and updates you can
download from our web site in sync.  You can always download now and update
later today if necessary.

> Also, would it be possible for the above web site to give dates and  
> checksums for the disk images?  Those would help end-users verify  
> that the most recently-available file has been properly downloaded.   

I will talk to our webmaster about implementing your suggestions.  However,
if you go straight to the Mac update page at, you'll see the born date of the
executables available at Stata's web site.

-Chinh Nguyen
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